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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nigeria abductions: Parents Say Girls Still missing Despite Claims From Military That Girls Had Escaped

Mystery surrounds the fate of more than 100 teenage girls
who were abducted from a school in the remote north-
east of Nigeria. The military had come out yesterday to say
that all but eight of the 129 girls have escaped, but parents
of the girls say that figure is not accurate and many are
still missing.
There have been conflicting reports coming from various
sources concerning the over 120 girls that were abducted
a few days ago by Boko Haram in Borno state.
Another source has also said that 15 girls were able to
escape, but the rest are still being held captive. It is
thought Islamist militant group Boko Haram took the girls
to forested areas near the Cameroonian border.
A N50 million reward is being given to anyone who
provides information that will lead to the capture of the
terrorists responsible for this kidnapping according to
Sahara Reporters.

Video: SoundCity ONE on ONE with Olamide

Sound city OAP, Moet Abebe had a minute or 9 with Olamide and discussed his album, BGEL and his latest video. Olamide is always himself on camera so you know it’s never a dull moment with him. It come be like say Olamide dey toast Moet sef. Check it sha.

Adora Oleh And Dr Sid Cover 2nd Issue Of PING! Magazine

TV personality Adora Oleh and music star Dr Sid rock the cover of PING! Magazine April 2014 issue. PING which stands for “People, Innovation, Networks and Gadgets”, is a bi-monthly magazine that has features on technology, health, entertainment and more.

WizKid and His Manager Godwin Tom Part Ways

Rumors have been swirling over the past couple of days that StarBoy WizKid and his manager of the last couple of years Godwin Tom have separated ways. Godwin Tom recently put out a series of tweets indicating that he was tired and done with WizKid.
 "Fuck this shit… I’m done! — Godwin Tom (@GodwinTom) April 14, 2014

" I’m on the move and I can’t look back… No regrets at all! Wasted time, I can’t get that back so everyday I go hard! #NoRegrets Pusha T — Godwin Tom (@GodwinTom) April 14, 2014

"Im loyal and patient… not stupid! DOnt get it twisted! — Godwin Tom (@GodwinTom) April 12, 2014.

 An anonymous source has come out to say that Godwin Tom had had enough of Wizkid and his shenanigans, and decided to quit. We have confirmed that Godwin did in fact end things, but we have not been able to confirm exactly what lead to the issue. From all indications it does seem that Godwin, who had managed MI, SDC and Waje previously, had had enough of everything. With his resume and status, it wont be long before Godwin picks up someone else I’m sure. On the other hand, WizKid had moved to change the management details on his twitter and social media pages.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Prophet T.B Joshua claims he prophesied about the Nyanya bomb blast

General overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nation,
SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video where
he claimed to had prophesied the Nyanya explosion that
killed over 71 persons with 126 others injured.
According to the controversial Prophet, he saw and
warned Nigerians of the calamity during his live service at
The SCOAN on November 10, 2013.
During the service, T.B. Joshua – known for his doom
prophecies said:
“Listen to me, my people in Nigeria. Once again, take note
of this: Our security should be vigilant. I am seeing a very
big strike — explosion. They should take care of Abuja —
capital. When I talk, you see me in a bad light. But I will
keep talking. I don’t need to say the state but I am saying
it. This is what I am seeing happen in Abuja. They should
pray. What can they do to capture this?”  Watch video here

Nyanya explosion: PDP’s accusation is ploy to arrest our leaders – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the
atrocious bomb blast that left 71 persons dead in Abuja on
Monday, and urged the Federal Government to urgently
convene a National Stakeholders’ Security Summit to help
find a lasting solution to the spate of mindless killings in
the country.
In a statement issued in Lagos on Monday by its Interim
National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the
party expressed its shock and sadness at the savagery of
the attack, while condoling with the families of those killed
and praying for a quick recovery for the injured.
It said it is now obvious that all efforts so far to tackle the
insurgency in the country have not yielded much fruits. It
said the PDP-led Federal Government lacks the capacity
and has clearly run out of ideas on how to tackle the
“It is time for new thinking, new ideas to stop this
insurgency before it consumes all of us. The attack, right
on the outskirts of Abuja which has been spared this kind
of spectacular strike since 2011 means those behind it are
getting bolder and bolder, and it’s time to stop them,” it
APC said in the national interest and in the spirit of
bipartisanship, it is willing and ready to be part of any
positive efforts to end the daily loss of lives and the
damage to property that seem to have hit a new high since
the beginning of this year.
Meanwhile, the party has described as despicable the
PDP’s attempt to trivialise what it described as ”a very
serious issue and make the opposition the fall guy for its
own egregious failure.”
According to APC, “‘The PDP and the government it leads
at the centre should realise that this issue is beyond
politics and partisanship, and should reach out to other
stakeholders to help find a way to end the insurgency that
has now defied all measures, including a state of
”Trying to blame the opposition for the attack, as the
harebrained PDP has irresponsibly done even when the
bodies of the victims are still lying in the morgue, cannot
advance a genuine push to end the insurgency.”‘
The party wondered whether the PDP’s ignoble accusation
was part of a sinister motive to call the dog a bad name
just to hang it.
”PDP is so desperate that it will stop at nothing to plunge
Nigeria into chaos just to achieve its objective of clinging to
power at all costs. Its baseless and infantile accusation, at
a time of great national pain, may be a ploy to instigate a
clampdown against the opposition.
”We are therefore calling on all our members, and indeed
all the good people of Nigeria, to be vigilant in the days
ahead,” the party added.

DJ Zeez a.k.a Zeez Releases “Sankolo” Video Preview & Behind The Scene Photos

The much awaited video of ‘Sankolo’ the latest musical
offering from Zeez (the 4kasibe crooner) is finally ready to
hit the screen. The unstoppable music video is scheduled
for release on April 20, 2014, and it is a must see.
Zeez told a reporter with HF Magazine, our sister company,
in a friendly chat during the exclusive peek-preview of the
video that he is finally set to soar to the highest level of
the African music scene with the active backing of his new
record label (HF Media).
The audio of the mid-tempo single is already out with an
extremely attractive CD sleeve while the expertly produced
visual is guaranteed to have viewers glued to the screen.
In tune with the wise saying, “the taste of the pudding is in
the eating”; we would refrain from letting the full cat out
of the bag until April 20th when you’ll be able to enjoy
munching the entire delicious Sankolo pudding.
Check out the video teaser and photos from the shoot
below and let us know what you think

Map Showing Boko Haram Attacks & Casualties Since 2009

Pause! Look at the map of the the amount of damage Boko
Haram have caused in Nigeria over the past 5 years, and
the number of states they have successfully pulled off

Monday, 14 April 2014

MH370 'hijacked and in Afghanistan': Russian intelligence source claims all passengers and crew are alive but held hostage

A Russian newspaper has claimed that Flight MH370 was
hijacked by "unknown terrorists" and flown to
Afghanistan, where the crew and passengers are now
being held hostage.
The extraordinary comments, attributed to a Russian
intelligence source, appeared in the Moskovsky
Komsomolets newspaper.
The source told the paper: "Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines
missing on March 8 with 239 passengers was hijacked.
"Pilots are not guilty; the plane was hijacked by unknown
"We know that the name of the terrorist who gave
instructions to pilots is "Hitch."
"The plane is in Afghanistan not far from Kandahar near
the border with Pakistan."

According to The Daily Star, Moskovsky Komsomolets also
claims the passengers have been divided into seven
groups and are living in mud huts with almost no food.
Twenty Asian passengers were said to have been
smuggled into a bunker in Pakistan.

It is also claimed that the terrorists are possibly seeking to
bargain with either America or China .
The news, perhaps unsurprisingly, has not been confirmed
by authorities either in Malaysia or China.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared soon after
taking off on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur bound for
It had 227 passengers and 12 crew on board, triggering a
multinational search that is now focused on the Indian
On Friday, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott,
has said he was "very confident" that signals picked up by
search teams in the Indian Ocean were from missing Flight
MH370's black box.
During a visit to Beijing, China, he told the the Australian
Broadcasting Corporation: "We have very much narrowed
down the search area and we are very confident the
signals are from the black box."
A fifth signal was detected by search crews on Friday.
The signals will eventually allow them to determine an
exact resting place for the downed Boeing 777.
They will then send down a submersible vehicle to plumb
the depths of the ocean for the black box.
The 'pings' emitted by Flight MH370's black box are soon
expected to fade, more than a month after the plane,
which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew,
disappeared on March 8.

Kenya: The perils of racial profiling

By launching a campaign against ethnic Somalis , the Kenyan
government perpetuates a dangerous policy of exclusion .
Speaking recently during the commemoration of the 20th
anniversary of the genocide in his country , Rwandan
President Paul Kagame argued that the catastrophe had
been decades in the making :
"The most devastating legacy of European control of
Rwanda was the transformation of social distinctions into
so-called ' races '. We were classified and dissected , and
whatever differences existed were magnified according to a
framework invented elsewhere […] The colonial theory of
Rwandan society claimed that hostility between something
called 'Hutu ', 'Tutsi ', and 'Twa ' was permanent and
necessary ."
Today, it seems obvious that the murder of 800 ,000 people
is not an overnight event but rather the result of
deliberately cultivated hate over a lengthy period . It begins
with the classification and dehumanisation of people and
communities, with differences magnified according to
frameworks invented elsewhere and leads to "permanent
and necessary " hostility , and eventually, disaster .
These are important lessons for the rest of the continent .
They are particularly relevant for Kenya today .
Following a series of terrorist attacks across the country ,
the government has launched a crackdown on supposed
criminal and terrorist elements, but one which actually
seems to target the country 's minority Muslim and Somali
populations. As the country marks a year since the swearing
in of President Uhuru Kenyatta , the venue of his
inauguration - Kasarani Stadium - has been playing host to
thousands of almost exclusively ethnic Somalis who have
been arrested for not producing proper identification
For many of them , officially sanctioned harassment is
nothing new. For the last half- century , Kenyan authorities
have treated Muslims and ethnic Somalis with suspicion,
seeing them at best as just short of being Kenyan and at
worst as a fifth column - the enemy within . In fact, as an
essay by Professor Jeremy Prestholdt of the Department of
History at the University of California , San Diego states:
"The government of Kenya's antiterrorism initiatives have
compounded an already deep sense of alienation among
those most severely affected by the new measures : Kenyan
Muslims, particularly those of Arab and Somali ancestry . "
In colonial times, their status as native Africans was at best
ambiguous and in the run - up to independence , a push
towards greater autonomy at the coast and the desire of the
Somali population in then Northern Frontier District to join
Somalia, heightened perceptions of these communities as
traitors to the Kenyan cause . The paranoia of the upcountry
elites who took over from the British simply served to
reinforce these views.
As the report of the Truth , Justice and Reconciliation
Commission showed, for most of independent Kenya's
history, the government has systematically marginalised and
oppressed these populations. Its policy towards them has
been one of demonisation and collective punishment. It is a
history replete with rape, massacres and other human rights
abuses, one in which the differences magnified according to
frameworks invented elsewhere became defining features
of a "permanent and necessary " hostility. It has to be noted
that the same treatment, though not necessarily to the
same extent, was meted out to other communities , such as
the Luo , who were also perceived as a threat to the Old
Establishment .
Seen within the context of this history, the current
administration's actions are perhaps not surprising. Today
the language of counter -terrorism is being employed to
continue this tradition of dehumanisation and
delegitimisation. It is a tradition that allows "Kenyans" to
identify with the tragedy and triumph of baby Satrin
Osinya while remaining blind to the suffering of Somali
infants spending their nights in police cells . "Refugee " has
been made synonymous with illegality and terrorism , with a
status undeserving of rights . Like the Kenyan Somalis and
the Muslims of the coast , their presence has been shown to
be merely tolerated rather than accepted , and deeply
suspect to boot.
In these populations, as marginalised at the centre as they
were in the periphery, the government has found a
convenient scapegoat for its failures. According to a report
titled Kenya and the Global War on Terror by Samuel
Aronson of the London School of Economics , "The current
anti- terrorism strategy in Kenya neglects the history and
geopolitics of the nation and is thus flawed in its most basic
capacity ." But I think the reality is a lot more sinister. The
government doesn't ignore this history. It exploits and
fortifies it .
What it deliberately ignores is that "Wahhabism is being
rejected by most Kenyan Muslims and that of the roughly
200 mosques in Mombasa , 'maybe five [ can ] be considered
extremist '". What it is unwilling to acknowledge is "the
difference between radicalised terrorists and theologically
conservative Muslims ", or that "the predominantly Sunni
coastal population takes issues with Shia and Wahhabi
foreigners who, according to many on the coast , lure the
'lesser educated and financially needy Africans away from
the true faith'" . It is more convenient to believe "the coastal
[and Somali ] population is mainly terrorists ".
That makes it easy to distract from the real failures -
corruption and incompetence . Counter - terrorism efforts
have been more about racial profiling and less about
intelligence gathering and actual police work .
But worse than that , by following in the footsteps of
previous regimes , the government not only makes us all less
safe, it perpetuates the very logic of exclusion that led to
the terrible events in Rwanda 20 years ago.

The National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Akwa Ibom said it had arrested 92 drug suspects and seized 20.214 kg of illicit substances between March and April.

The State Commander, Mrs Josephine Obi, who revealed
this during an interaction with newsmen on Sunday in Uyo,
said the suspects included 87 males and five females.
The breakdown of the substances showed that Cannabis
Sativa was 20.125kg, Cocaine, 0.081kg, Heroin, 0.008kg
and five abandoned seizures of Psychotropic substances
weighing 0.55kg. Others are one card of tramadol and
63.5 litres of Combine (mixture of cannabis and alcohol).
She said that the command had counseled 41 drug
peddlers in the state.
“The command delivered lectures against drug misuse and
trafficking in illicit drugs in 48 schools and organisations as
well as counseled 41 drug peddlers in the state,’’ she said.
The commander said out of the 92 persons arrested, eight
had been convicted for dealing in socially-prohibited drugs
between the periods.
She expressed worry that some of the convicted persons
had served various terms in prison for similar offences.
Obi explained further that some dealers found it difficult
to stop the illegal business even after serving their terms
due to it’s lucrative nature.
According to her, the situations where most of the drug
peddlers find it difficult to stop the illegal business have
become a serious challenge to the agency.
She, however, attributed the huge successes recorded in
the raids and destruction of drug joints leading to massive
arrests of both dealers and users to the increased trained
manpower in the command.
Obi reassured that the command would not relent in its
efforts in the drug war to ensure the society was rid of the
“heinous crime.’’
She further said that the command had devised means to
counsel drug peddlers and prevent them from going into
crime through the abuse of drugs; which involved
continuous enlightenment and sensitisation programme
across the state, especially in schools to let them
understand the dangers inherent in illegal drug trafficking
and abuse.
She explained that the enlightenment became important
because most people fell victims or were lured because of
Obi said that, as part of the campaign, the command
visited schools to show them the cannabis plant for easy

Apo Killings: Aturu Commends Human Rights Commission’s Indictement Of SSS, Army

Human rights lawyer,
Mr. Bamidele Aturu, has hailed the National Human Rights
Commission for its report on public hearing which indicted
the Nigerian Army and the State Security Service in the
killing of eight innocent Nigerians in Apo District, Abuja.
In a statement issued on Sunday, Aturu said that the
ability of a government institution like the NHRC to criticise
and indict other government agencies such as the army
and the SSS was commendable.
The commission said that the security agencies’ joint
operation in an uncompleted building in the Apo district of
Abuja on September 20, 2013, did not respect the victims’
right to live as they were killed extra-judicially, contrary to
the claim by the army and SSS that they were shot and
killed in self-defence.
He said, “I salute the courage of all the members of the
Governing Council of the Commission, its Executive
Secretary and other staff for giving us something to cheer
under this administration.
“Honestly, one is pleased that we can see a government
agency speak truth to government. We can only hope that
they will move their searchlight into other dark alleys of
government human rights practice in Nigeria”.
The NHRC had indicted the government agencies and also
awarded N135m in favour of the families of the deceased
and the survivors.
Aturu said the decision of the NHRC was bold, well-
reasoned and fair, adding that what the commission did
used to be unthinkable.
“The commission has shown by its bold, well-reasoned and
fair decision that what we need in Nigeria is a combination
of independent institutions and independent but patriotic
and competent persons to run the institutions”, he stated.
The Lagos lawyer also warned government against taking
any action against the commission or members of its
governing council because of the report.
“One is also cautiously enthused that Nigerian political
authorities did not dismiss the decision as the handiwork
of the opposition. If the silence from them is as a result of
a sober realization that security agencies went overboard
in the irresponsible way they falsely labelled the deceased
as Boko Haram and wickedly cut off their lives, then we
can only encourage them to continue in that path of
“However, if they were just too dazed that a government
agency had the liver to criticize and embarrass them and
are then waiting for the right time to strike, then it would
mean they do not know the immeasurable good that the
decision of the Commission has done for the government.
Serious governments need responsible Commissions to
whip overzealous security agents into line from time to

Abuja bus station bombed in rush hour,death toll 35

At least 35 believed killed in bus station bombing during rush
hour in the capital Abuja, with toll expected to rise.
A blast at a bus depot on the outskirts of the Nigerian
capital Abuja has killed dozens of people during the morning
rush hour .
The blast , around 7 am at the Nyanya Motor Park , destroyed
more than 30 vehicles and caused secondary explosions as
their fuel tanks exploded and burned.
Reporters saw rescue workers and police gathering body
"We have been able to bring some of the dead to the
morgue and some injured have been taken to the hospital ,"
said Charles Otegbade, head of search and rescue at the
National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) .
He said his team had not yet been able to provide precise
figures on casualties .
A Reuters camerman reported seeing 20 bodies at the depot
at Nyanyan bridge, around 8 km south of Abuja, and two
witnesses said another 15 had already been removed by the
emergency services.
"I was waiting to get on a bus when I heard a deafening
explosion then smoke . People were running around in
panic ," said Mimi Daniels, who works in Abuja. Another blast
followed , she said , according to Reuters news agency.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility but
suspicion is likely to fall on armed group Boko Haram . The
group has been involved in increasing levels of violence in
the northeast .
Suspected Boko Haram members killed at least 60 people in
an attack on a village in northeast Nigeria late last week.
Eight people were killed in a separate attack at a teacher
training college, witnesses said .

Saturday, 5 April 2014

African men are violent and harsh – Eniola Badmus

Actress, Eniola Badmus has opined that African men are “too harsh” – she stated this in a quick chat with Yes Magazine.While speaking on ‘violence against women’, the single Actress said, “African men are too harsh! They are too harsh. African men are harsh and violent. An English man would never beat his wife because their law forbids it. Then, I must say that if there is a penalty for it, stating that whoever beats his wife would be jailed, I’m sure this will reduce. “But since there is no law and no one is preaching against it, everybody feels it is a normal thing. Even if we say there is a law, it is not being implemented as it should, because if it had, all these won’t happen. I think there should be a capital punishment for it because, to me, it is a terrible act.” she concluded. Eniola is known for her usual advocacy against domestic violence.She once said she’s still single because she is still searching for a soft hearted man.

Watch Trailer For New Drama, Tunnel Featuring Nse Ikpe Etim, Waje & Others

Femi Jacobs,Nse Ikpe-Etim, Waje, Patrick Doyle and Lepacious Bose are the stars of a brand new drama titled Tunnel. It tells the story of a young pastor and his journey to self discovery. In a tunnel were just one decision determines your fate, your Faith remains the only saving grace. Tunnel is produced by Adejumoke Olatunde, Nike Erinle and Grace Edwin-Okon and is directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare.

Late Zara Gretti’s family releases funeral arrangements

Zara Gretti will be buried tomorrow Friday, April 4th 2014, at the Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos. The Nigerian-American singer passed away on Friday, 28th March 2014 after a two-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. A rep for her family has released an official statement on the funeral arrangements. The statement reads below: “The Clarus Babajide Joseph Family of Igbosere Lagos Island has announced the demise of their daughter, Margaret-Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiroghene Joseph, popularly known as Zara Gretti. “Known for her soothing lyrics, Zara lit up the Nigerian music scene a few years back before she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Born in Lagos, to Eugene Kolawole Joseph and Abimbola Akindele, on July 30, 1985, Zara passed away on Friday 28 March, 2014 after a two-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis. “Zara will be buried at Ikoyi Cemetery on Friday 4th April after a Funeral Mass at 10am at Holy Cross Cathedral, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos. Anne-Marie Palmer-Ikuku (Mrs.) For the Clarus Babajide Joseph Family

“Annie is the jealous type” – 2face Idibia talks marriage and women

“She loves me. So she must be jealous. If I am laughing with a particular girl too much or I am going the way that I am not supposed to go, or if one girl is following me too much, she will be there to caution me. She definitely has to be protective of her man. At that point, she can tell such a girl, ‘hold your side!’ And if it is I that is doing it, she could tell me, ‘cool down, I dey here o.’ He said this while granting an interview to the Nation’s newspaper, where he bared his mind on life as a married man, the alleged scandals that have trailed his career for years and his relationship with his babies’ mothers. Addressing the recent rumor where he allegedly impregnated a banker, he said “of course it is not true. Initially, nobody said whether it was true or not. So what I did was to correct whatever impression from my twitter page. But the story still went on. It is a serious matter because now I am married. So it is unfair for anyone to put out such story about me, perhaps because they want to sell their medium or sell their blog. It is really totally unfair to me, especially now that I am married. If I wasn’t married, we would have laughed over the matter. But now, I am. So I do not expect that people will play over such issues of emotion at this time of my life. On how he’s been coping with fame “It feels good, but it is a lot of challenges, a lot of non-privacy. So many things are being flung your way, temptations, and if you are not careful, you get swept off by the evil tide. There are so many hazards in being famous and if you can’t control yourself, you get carried away within a short time. It is not all smooth- sailing. I can tell you that it is not all glamour. For instance, I enter into an event, a place and I walk straight to go and find a seat for myself to sit. But before I know it, some people will take it personal. Meanwhile, if someone else does it, it is seen as normal and accepted. So when I enter a place, I have to move around first and greet people. That is why you see me say ‘I hail o’ each time I enter a place. But you know, it is not all the time that you are in a good mood to be so friendly. But because you are famous, whether you are in a good mood or not, you have to put on a smile and greet people. Else, if you do not do that as a celebrity, such things will make you to easily make enemies. You actually make enemies without even realizing it. That is the crazy part of being a celebrity and a famous person.” Speaking on the joy of his marriage, he said “So far so good, married life is cool. We don dey do wetin married people dey do. We don dey sidon together, we go laugh, we go quarrel small (laughs), we go come hold each other again as if no be us quarrel some moments ago. Life has been kind to us since we got married. We have been living happily ever after. We try to live our lives our own way. We have never had cause to introduce a third party in our home. When we have a problem, we sort it out between ourselves. We don’t call anybody in to come and solve our problems for us. We sit down and talk about it. Like I said earlier, sometimes, we quarrel when both of us are stubborn over a matter. But we do not involve a third party!” Re-affirming why he chose Annie and left the other baby mamas, he said,“I have been fortunate enough to have met a couple of nice ladies in life and two of them even have children for me. But I think that Annie and I understand each other more. As with matters of the heart, it is very difficult sometimes to find the right words to explain it. Somehow, you just know that this is the particular person that you want to stay with. Ads not by this site On how he relates with his children and their mother “If you see me and my children together, you will think we are mates. That is how I relate with them. I relate well with their mums too. We are good. We are peaceful, everybody is mature. We have a cordial relationship. One love always…”

Fans blast Flavour for posting shirtless photo of himself and another guy in a pool

Highlife Musician, Flavour Nabania has been accused of being ‘gay’ by his fans for posting a controversial photo of him and a friend in a pool For weeks now, the ‘kworikwo’ crooner has been posting photos of his bare body, showing off his abs on his Instagram page, but this time, some of his fans said he went too far.Many of his fans described the photo as ‘disturbing’. A certain handle, Dantezdee said “Flavour, you two are too close to each other, in a disturbing way. What is his hand doing there?” Ignoring their criticisms however, Flavour threw out a shout out to his once rumoured girlfriend, Dillish Mathew. See snapshots below:

Davido to make acting debut in new Nollywood movie [PHOTOS]

Popular singer, David Adeleke, widely referred to as Davido has gotten his debut movie role.Movie moment reports that the “Skelewu” crooner got the movie role courtesy his cousin, Ikechukwu Ojeogwu, an actor cum producer. The OBO star would be working with popular Director, Teco Benson. “Davido is delighted over his Nollywood debut and he can’t wait for the project to kick off,”
Nollywood Actor, Ikechukwu Francis Ojeogwu disclosed. “This is Davido’s first movie appearance, I, as the producer, have been able to work out things in such a manner that it would be beneficial to us all. I’ve crafted out a role that I know would put him in a comfortable position and won’t make him either excessive or otherwise,”Speaking further, “Davido is quite delighted and very supportive on this project like he has always been and he’s so big that if he puts his hand in anything that doesn’t worth it, it would tarnish his image and what he has built for himself. He has a lot at stake, aside from the financial stake, his image is also at stake and he’s taking this as serious as any other business. “I know how big Davido is and I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on him because of his busy schedule and it is his first appearance. Furthermore, the script is in such a way that he doesn’t over shadow the beauty of the script but to add his weight to the success of the project,’ Ike told the online magazine.

Solidstar to perform Brazil 2014’s theme song

Fast-rising hip hop singer, Solidstar has been endorsed as Super Eagles Ambassador.The deal was signed with the Nigerian Football Supporters Club recently. The deal will have Solidstar record and perform the official Super Eagles theme song for the Brazil 2014 world cup. Explaining the choice of Solidstar, Dr. Rafiu Oladipo, president of the supporters club said “We needed someone who was passionate about Nigerian football and who had that gyration in his voice and who the new and old generation can relate to and it was just Solidstar that came to mind.” Solidstar won the best new artiste at the Nigeria Music Video Award(NMVA) in 2010 for his hit single “One in a Million”.

Dbanj to sue DailyMail for calling him a womaniser

Music superstar, Dbanj has concluded plans to sue a UK based tabloid, Daily Mail for describing him as a ‘legendary womanizer’ in an article written about his “alleged” affair with American Actress Kenya Moore. The entertainer not only rubbished the report, but stressed that his legal team has completed plans to sue the tabloid for defamation. “It is a rumor. The story has no substance. I’m even about going to sue UK daily mail for the defamation of character. I’m discussing with my legal team. They didn’t hear from me. Everything they wrote is totally wrong. They defined Koko master wrongly. I think they wanted to talk about Kenya Moore, who was a former Miss America, but they didn’t get their facts right. Everything they wrote was false. They are going to hear from my legal team, soon.” He told Encomium magazine.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Rivers Police arrest suspected oil bunkers

The Rivers State Police command has arrested 3 suspects specialized in pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft. The police also said it recovered 3 trucks already loaded with stolen crude. The Commissioner of Police in the state, Johnson Ogunshakin stated this while parading the suspects in Port Harcourt. Ogunshakin maintained his stance that the Police under his Command would leave no stone unturned in its resolve to combat all sorts of crime in the state. Ogunshakin said also police strategies against oil bunkerers in the state were beginning to yield positive results. “Since my assumption of office, I have intimated you of my strong resolve to fight saboteurs of our nation’s economic growth. You and I know that the Federal Government of Nigeria is leaving no stone unturned in its fight against crude oil theft and vandalization of oil pipelines. “Our strategies against bunkerers in many parts of the state are beginning to yield positive results and we will constantly re-assess our operational strategies in tune with the sophistication of the oil thieves”, he said. He said 3 suspects were recently arrested around the Eleme-Akpajo area where they were trying to steal crude oil, adding that the suspects were now under police detention and would be made to face the law. Ads not by this site He said: “On Friday, March 28th, 2014, information was received by the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State Police Command that groups of people, who specialize on pipeline vandalization are parading within Elelenwo Express way/Akpajo Eleme road, Port Harocurt. “Upon the information, the Commissioner of Police’s monitoring team was immediately drafted to the scene of the oil bunkering and the perpetrators were caught in the act. They had already filled two specially-built 55, 000 litres trucks with crude oil and were about to load the third one when police team arrived at the scene. “As expected, the arrested suspects tried to evade arrest with tactics and antics, but our men, who were very determined to end oil bunkering, especially in Rivers State, overpowered them and impounded their trucks”, the Commissioner explained.

Jim Iyke’s mother passes away

Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke Esomugha is currently grieving over the loss of his mum, Mrs. Esomugha, who passed away on Monday, 30th of March, 2014.“Yes, Jim Iyke’s mother is dead, but she didn’t die on April 1 as it is being widely reported. The old woman died last Monday in Abuja,” a close family told Dailypost. Also speaking with DailyPost, United Nations’ Youth Ambassador, David James Egwu said it’s true that Jim’s mum has passed on, but we are yet to establish contact with Jim.” Egwu is one of Jim’s closest friends in Abuja. Dailypost gathered that the late Mrs. Esomugha had been having serious health challenges for some time, before she passed away at Garki Hospital, Abuja. “She died of stroke. The woman has been sick for some time now and has been staying with Jim Iyke in Abuja,” the source disclosed. The sad news is coming weeks after Jim proposed to his BFF and ‘lover’ Nadia Buari in London. Ads not by this site Until her death, Jim’s late mother lived in Abuja with other members of her family.

Nigerian Newspapers: 10 things you need to know this Friday morning

Good morning! Here are 10 things you need to know this morning: 1. It was a sad moment for Fulani militia yesterday when the Army invaded one of their illegal settlements in Nasarawa state, killing 20 of them while several others sustained injuries. Report says the army also recovered several sophisticated weapons. 2. There was a heavy disagreement yesterday at the National Conference when delegates disagreed over matters relating to their individual feeding. While some of the delegates were of the opinion that their feeding be monitized so they could source for food outside the conference, others kicked against the idea. 3. A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the Federal Government, the State Security Service and the police to release without delays the passport seized from the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Lamido Sanusi. The court also directed that the police should Sanusi N50m exemplary damages for unlawfully detaining him and seizing his passport. 4. Report has it this morning that religious sentiment may tear the APC apart as members continue to disagree over its candidates for the 2015 general elections. The disagreement is said to be closely linked to religion as some are of the opinion that Muslim candidate will not augur well with the party. 5. The Director General of Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Mr. Bimbo Daramola, had on Thursday alleged that some suspected political thugs, who were in company of Governor Ayo Fayose during his returned to Ado Ekiti on Wednesday, shot a member of the All Progressives Congress. The PDP has since denied the allegation. 6. Former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu has said that the ongoing national conference was made up of old sleepy men who have nothing to contribute towards the development of the country. Kalu said for the country to attain its most desired transformation, the old geration of leaders must relinquish power to the next generation. Kalu was speaking at the Centenary Lecture organised by the Oyo State branch of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. 7. Lagos based Lawyer and Activist, Mr. Femi Falana has asked the Minister of Interior, Comrade Aba Moro to refund the the N1000 each that was collected from applicants in the last failed NIS aptitude test. Falana has argued that the money was an extortion since there was never any plan to recruit majority of them. 8. The General Officer Commanding, 81 division of Nigerian Army, Lagos, Major-General Tamunomieibi Dibi, yesterday, in Abeokuta said that an attack on Ogun state by Islamist Boko Haram was possible, hence the military should be battle ready to forestall a possible attack. 9. A 30-year-old Nwode Chukwudi Awam was paraded by the Ebonyi state police Command yesterday for beheading his father, Michael Awam, and eating the victim’s neck. The incident happened at Egwudinagu Obegu village in Ebonyi Local Government Area of the state. 10. The Chief Judge of the Rivers State, Justice Peter Agumagu, has filled a suit against the National Judicial Council, NJC, at the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja. The CJ is challenging his suspension by the NJC. Agumagu is asking the court to restrain members of an investigation panel set up to investigate allegations against him, until after the determination of his suit.

Monday, 25 November 2013

2015: Don’t over-stretch your ‘good luck’ by trying to remain in power – Tsav tells Jonathan

Elder statesman and a former Lagos State Police
Commissioner, Abubakar Tsav, has advised President
Goodluck Jonathan not to over-stretch his “good luck” by
remaining in power beyond 2015.
Tsav, who spoke with newsmen in Makurdi, the Benue
State capital on Sunday noted that the nation would
continue to retrogress as long as greed and corruption
remain in control, adding that 2015 would determine
whether Nigeria will still remain as one indivisible
country or not.
While he attributed this to the intention of Jonathan to
contest the 2015 presidential election, he urged the
president to burry his ambition in the interest of the
He said, “President Jonathan’s followers are saying there
would be war if he does not win in 2015. He should save
us that trouble by relinquishing his ambition in the
interest of the old and young people in this country.”
Tsav reminded Jonathan of how God made him to rise
from the position of deputy governor to president, even
as he urged him not to run for second term in office.
Adding his voice to the ongoing debate over the
inconclusive Anambra governorship election, Tsav
described the Attahiru Jega-led INEC as a shame to the
The former police boss asserted that the Independent
National Electoral Commission, INEC, was not capable of
conducting credible elections in the country.
According to him, judging from the Anambra election,
the hope of conducting free, fair and credible elections
in the country has been dashed.

Album Review | Ice Prince – Fire Of Zamani

YEAR: 2013
IcePrince is the most sellable Nigerian rapper at the
moment. The only person that can wear an Agbada with
sneakers and still look super dapper. The best rapper in
Africa considering the recent BET Awards as the Best
International Act: Africa. After the success of his first
Album Everybody Loves IcePrince, he has consistently
dropped hit singles and collaborated with other
musicians. At a time when fellow Chocolate City artistes
are dropping off the record label, he has maintained a
good relationship with his label and has focused on his
music career.
IcePrince is an outstanding artiste but this review is not
about his life, past or awards but about the collection of
songs titled FIRE OF ZAMANI. Enter the Fire of Zamani,
Ice Prince’ sophomore Album:
Stars & Lights: A soulful and inspirational way to start
the album is Ice talking about the journey so far, his
struggles and hustle. He gives props to his crew and
most importantly MI. Ruby did very well to make the
hook and the song enjoyable. /if there has ever been a
rap this fly, it had to be done by an M.I’s guy/
Aboki is one of the most important tracks on this Album
and yet it is clear that iceprince sang all through without
necessarily dropping rap bars. The beat is groovy and it’s
a heavy party track. With repetitive lyrics, he mentions
many rich Hausas as his ‘guys’.
My Life sounds more like a live performance by a band
in a local joint. Iceprince delivers the chorus cold and it
has more singing than rapping. He talks about his life in
bits and pieces without any particular direction.
Mercy has a lot of repetitive keys and it starts to get
boring till Chip a British rapper resuscitates the song
with his rap verse. The chorus is a stereotype dancehall
Another Sammy Gyang production, a story based song
but the big question mark on this song is: Why feature
Sunny Neji on a song if he won’t sing the chorus for you?
Maybe to achieve a surprise effect, I guess its different
strokes for different folks. On the overall, Whiskey is a
good song.
The N-Word song sounds like a Rick-Ross song though it
was produced by Ace producer Don-Jazzy. Considering
it’s a hardcore rap song, this track comes off as an irony
from a producer who thinks that the Rap Genre still has
a long way to go. Ice Prince came hard on this one. To
appreciate the rhymes in this song, one should omit the
N-word at the end of each line . Pretty Impressive. /We
don dey gather all the Cheese N****, Big Shots chilling
Overseas N****. Fast Whips automatic keys N****, So
when we drive by e dey be like breeze N****/
Jambo is a spirit lifting song, a bit groovy and fun. A
Chopstix production with a catch word: Jambo. Jambo is
not well defined and it leaves inquisitive minds
wondering what the true meaning of Jambo is, but when
you think of it, the mystery is a positive. Enjoyable song.
No die Tomorrow has a reggae beat with political
activism content in the lyrics. This song shows political
side of Ice Prince. It’s a bit awkward coming from a
commercial African rapper, but that doesn’t mean he
cant speak his mind right? Just doesn’t sound believable
for some reason. /2015 na him be the question, my
people dey anticipate who go be the next one, afterall we
no say dem go rig election/
Gimme dat is a dancehall hit enjoying play on most
radio stations across the continent , it features some of
the best new acts. Burnaboy serenades the song with his
signature voice, Young L comes through with Jamaica
styled lyrics and Olamide delivers his verses in his local
Yoruba tongue.
Komotion is yet another Dancehall Reggae fusion this
time featuring Wizkid. If you love dancehall then this will
be your favorite track. IcePrince and Wizkid prove they
can do music that is not the stereotype naija styled
I Swear is the most anticipated song on this album
having featured French Montana an A-list international
act on Maybach Music Group and Badboy records. Ice
Prince did a good job on this dance-hall track,
unfortunately we cant say the same for French Montana.
Person wey sabi is a harmonic tune and a typical African
song with drums and trumpets. A groovy and celebratory
song, it will pass for a highlife song that puts you in a
happy mood. The kind of song that you don’t even want
to know what the lyrics are about.
Kpako is one of the strongest songs on this album
featuring his old time friends M.I. and Jesse Jagz. Even
though they were not all present in the studio and
recorded the songs independently because of busy
schedules and logistics it wasn’t clear that there was no
chemistry or bonding between the artistes. Jesse jagz
came out tops on this one.
Pray initially starts up like filler on the album. If not for
the fact that Sound Sultan was featured and he added a
little spice on the track then it would have been another
boring song on this album.
More is a reggae infused melodic tune that gets everyone
singing along. Here Ice Prince raps excellently like he
was in a battle when actually it is supposed to be a love
song. Rhymes, punch lines and metaphors characterize
his rap. The newer fine-tuned version makes it an
excellent song. / It’s too much bomb and hate that kinda
complicates. Its too much dropping around and now u
talking out of state/
On my Knees is a Gospel like song featuring Jeremiah
Gyang with African drums. The Plateau state citizens
ended the Fire of Zamani Project by thanking God. The
song does well to take those who grew up in Plateau
state down memory ran.
Fire of Zamani is an anti-climax coming from a Nigerian
artiste like Ice Prince who has an outstanding debut
album. On some tracks he comes out exceptional on his
vocals but on other tracks his voice comes out flat like he
is not putting in enough effort. One would be tempted
say this was a rushed project. Sometimes he strays off
from the theme of a song in pursuit of Punch lines.
However, for an album with about 5 hit singles it is safe
to say it is a good project, but falls below the hype With
international collaborations and recognition, Fire of
Zamani marks the beginning of a new era for Ice Prince.
He is saddled with the responsibility of representing
Nigeria and Africa in general. We can only wait for the
future to unfold what comes next for him.

VIDEO: Veteran Rapper, Modenine, Olamide And Phyno Joined Ice Prince To Light Up FOZ With Gimme Dat

Veteran rapper, Modenine, Olamide, Phyno and Yung L
joined Ice Prince to deliver a show stopping performance
of the track Gimme Dat at the Fire Of Zamani concert. Ice
Prince started with a solo performance and even invited
Dele Momodu’s son, Enikorewafunmi to join him on
stage when he noticed the young boy singing excitedly.
They were later joined on stage by Phyno who delivered
some sick flows in Igbo, Yung L made a grand entrance
with his reggae style rap while Olamide added a touch of
fuji to the performance.
Ice Prince introduced Modenine as an inspiration to
Nigerian rappers and he finished the song with some
freestyle rap.
Enikorewafunmi, who is quite popular on his father’s
Instagram page, had his 15 minutes of fame performing
with Nigerian superstars.
Watch the explosive performance here

Popular Nigerian DJ, DJ Humility, Calls Out US rapper Wale on Twitter; Says Wale Doesn’t Respect Nigerian Artists

Wale not coming to Nigeria for the Fire Of Zamani
concert has definitely rubbed DJ Humility the wrong way,
especially after the reasons Wale gave for not coming
The DJ took to twitter to call Wale out, and went a step
further by saying Wale doesn’t respect Nigerian Artistes.
DJ Humility definitely wasn’t twisting his words around.

Wale is Bastard Who has no regard for Nigerian
Artist or Nigerian Djs.
— Dj Humility (@djhumility) November 24, 2013

— Dj Humility (@djhumility) November 24, 2013

I wonder why our peeps takes Nig Based Stars for
granted, Dis same Wale did the same thing to M.I
Abaga just 2yrs ago at the BET Awards.
— Dj Humility (@djhumility) November 25, 2013

A quick? To my Friends & Fans on Tweet er, If you
See me in a club then come to me introduce your
self & appreciate my work,
— Dj Humility (@djhumility) November 25, 2013

I then turned you down because you introduced your
self as a Nigerian how will you feel?
— Dj Humility (@djhumility) November 25, 2013

Insecurity: Butchers Union denies allegation of breeding Boko Haram in Borno

Alhaji Abubakar Gula, Chairman of the Borno State
butchers association has denied the allegation by the
Gwoza Christian Community Association (GCCA), that they
were using the Maiduguri abatoir as a breeding ground
for the Islamic sect, Boko Haram.
He described the allegation as reckless, false and a
misrepresentation, under the guise of religion,
advertently to disrupt the relative peace being enjoyed by
the citizens of Borno State.
The Christian Community in Gwoza Local Government
Council of Borno State had in the recent past suffered
numbers of attacks, which they claimed was caused by
some politicians, who allegedly use the butchers of
Gwoza community in Borno to slaughter Christians.
The butchers’ association in a statement made available
to DailyPost in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital on
Monday, also stated that the sum of N25, 000,000
(twenty-five million naira) given to the butchers by Borno
State Governor, Kashim Shettima, was a grant to the
National Butchers’ Union of Nigeria, Maiduguri Branch.
“It is a common knowledge that such a gigantic
commercial site cannot be said to have consist of only
people from Gwoza, but it comprises of people from
different states of the federation irrespective of their
religion or tribes as well as people from the neigbouring
countries of Niger, Chad and Cameroon republic”, the
statement signed by Alhaji Gula stressed.
They condemned the allegation that the abattoir was a
breeding ground for insurgency in the state, describing it
as malicious, baseless and devilish, intended only to
instigate hatred and disaffection among the peace loving
people of the state.
Also, Alhaji Mala Modu, the Chief Butcher at the Borno
Abattoir, said the allegation by GCCA was a deliberate
attempt to paint the group black and also tarnish the
image of its operators.

Jonathan fires another aide, gives no reason

President Goodluck Jonathan had on Sunday sacked Mrs.
Aisha Umar as his Special Assistant on Social
The sack notice was contained in a brief statement issued
on Sunday in Abuja by Mr. Sam Nwaobasi, the Special
Assistant (Media) to the Secretary of the Government of
the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim with Ref. No:
PPR/OSGF/PR/02. However, the statement did not give
details on why the aide was relieved of her job.
The statement further stated that, the termination takes ”
effect from the November 25, 2013.”
Recall that the President had in few months back sacked
three of his aides. The first was the Minister of Youth
Development, Inuwa Abdulkadir, followed by the Special
Adviser on National Assembly Matters, Mrs. Joy Emordi
as well as his Special Adviser on the New Partnership for
Africa’s Development, Dr. Tunji Olagunju.